The Boathouse Bothy & Stable Room

Hire Charges

The Bothy and Stable rooms may be booked separately and where this is the case users will share access to the toilet facilities in the Boot room. If exclusive use of the facilities is required a booking must be made for both meeting rooms.

User categoryBothyStableExclusive access
School groupsFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Registered charities£12 / hour£12 / hour£18 / hour
Non-charity organisations, clubs, and short hire by individuals£17 / hour£17 / hour£28 / hour
Commercial£30 / hour£30 / hour£45 / hour
Events & functionsPOAPOAPOA
Electricity Surcharge : period 1st September to 30th April
A £5 fixed surcharge will be applied to all bookings during the period noted above.

The normal hours of availability are between 8.30am till 10.00pm. Hires extending beyond these hours will be considered and priced on application.

Terms of use

  • The hire charge includes electricity and use of fixed equipment.
  • A nominated person will provide contact details at the time of booking.
  • The nominated person will be provided with a “welcome pack” explaining site specific conditions (eg fire alarms, toilet pumping system). The nominated person will ensure all members of the group are aware of the site-specific issues.
  • Field study equipment and educational resources will be made available on request at no additional charge. Users will report any breakages immediately after use to the booking administrator.
  • Users to clean the facility after use. Failure to leave the facility in the same condition as found will result in a £50 cleaning surcharge.
  • Users will ensure no equipment is used for any purpose other than that it was intended. Any breakages resulting from the misuse of equipment will be charged on an “as new” replacement basis.
  • Tables and chairs will not be removed from the rooms and used outside unless previously agreed with the booking administrator.
  • For nonexclusive hire – Only vehicles with disabled (Blue badge) drivers, or vehicles transferring disabled passengers, will be permitted to park immediately outside the boathouse buildings. All other vehicles will be parked outside the access gate at the top of the track. All vehicles are driven and parked at the owner’s own risk.
  • For exclusive hire – vehicles will be allowed to park outside the boathouse buildings and along the access track at the owner’s risk.

The applicable hire rates will be subject to review as and when deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

For bookings contact the administrator at

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