Annual Reports & Accounts

As a charity regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) we submit, on an annual basis, a Trustees Report and a set of Annual Accounts.

Trustees Report

This outlines how we have operated in the previous 12 months, our activities and achievements and seeks to explain what we are doing to meet our charitable objectives.

Annual Accounts

As a small Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIO), with an annual income of less than £250,000, we present our accounts in a Receipts and Payments format. This is a simple form of accounting that summarises all monies received and paid via the bank and in cash by us during the financial year, along with a statement of balances.

Our accounts must be scrutinised by a person that is independent of our management and administration and who has the required skills and experience to conduct a competent examination of our financial control and reporting.

Friends of Blairs Loch (SC048921) was registered by OSCR on 18th December 2018.

Annual Returns for 2022

Trustee report: FoBL Annual report for 2022

Annual Accounts: FoBL 2022 Annual Accounts

Annual Returns for 2021

Trustees report: FoBL Trustees Annual Report 2021

Annual Accounts: FoBL 2021 Annual Accounts Statement

Annual Returns for 2020

Trustees report: FoBL Trustees report 2020

Annual Accounts: FoBL 2020 Annual Accounts Statement

Annual Returns for 2019

Trustees report: FoBL Trustees Annual Report 2019

Annual Accounts: FoBL first OSCR submission Annual Accounts

If you have any questions on either the Trustees Report or the Annual Accounts please contact the Trustees by email to

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